Software Section

# S.N. # File Name # Extension # Download Link
1 Startups Attendance Software Server Version [Exe only] .zip
2 Startups Attendance Software Server Version [Complete] .zip
3 Statups School Attendance Software .zip
4 Startups Attendance Software Client Version ,rar
5 AHD DVR N_EYE Software for PC .rar
6 NVR (Plug & Play) VMS .rar
7 Startups Attendance SDK for Web Software .rar
8 Time Attendance Software TAS .rar
9 SDK Bio-1 .rar
10 A7 Attendance Software .rar
11 Startups Attendance SDK for Desktop Software .rar
13 NVR CMS for XMEYE cloud .zip
14 CMS for ESEE cloud .zip
15 Protected: LCS NVR Xmeye .rar
16 NVR Kit software for PC (DanaCMS_V4.1.8) .rar
18 CCTV Software NVR .rar
19 CMS for Robot Camera PCNVR-20170227 .rar
20 Neye DVR ActiveX Install exe .rar
21 PABX PC Software .rar
22 GSM & PSTN PABX PC Software .zip
23 ZKTECO time Attendance 5.0 Software .rar
24 VMS for OEM(V2.0) 2019 01 23 .rar
25 Startups QMS Software .rar
26 Startups VMS(2.0) 2019 05 07 .zip
27 Attendance Software exe [OEM] .zip
28 Startups P2P Software for MAC .zip
29 Startups 5.5 inch pos SDK .zip
30 Startups Access Control Software .rar

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